Friday, April 26, 2002

Man, what did they put in the water in Germany? First, a disgruntled former employee kills his former boss and two former coworkers, and now a disgruntled expelled student kills former classmates and teachers. This is beginning to sound like bad trends in the good ole USA.

Quite frankly, much of Europe is disturbing these days. Spout on about the joys of democracy, and then when the "wrong guy" wins, start whining. (No, I don't agree with Le Pen's fascist views either.) Better reaction: if you don't like him, wake up and smell the coffee. Maybe not everybody in Europe likes socialism, or the EU, or the power that's going to international pseudogovernments. Provide a more palatable alternative to the issues raised in this election.

Oh, and the anti-Semitism that's at its highest levels since WWII--what's up with that? It's hard not to conclude that Europe is on the side of the Palestinians for the simple reason that they're in direct conflict with Jews. I have to say, the evidence supporting this conclusion is mounting.

Apart from pure anti-Semitism, I cannot figure out why Ariel Sharon has earned the title of "war criminal" and Yassir Arafat, the (Egyptian) father of modern terrorism, has not. They both hold the blood of thousands of innocents in their hands.