Monday, May 20, 2002

Yet Another Star Wars Episode II Review

It seems that the reviewers hated it. I loved it. There were lots of light saber activity, lots of plans-within-plans feints-within-feints, and still enough time to develop a torrid love affair. For the Star Wars IV-VI fans, this movie answered a lot of the "how in the heck could a millennium-long republic turn into this?" questions, and I thought the answers were great. The most powerful scene in the movie was young Boba Fett holding his father's mask.

There were some errors in this movie, of course. Yoda's fight was far too short. And it does seem that the aforementioned love affair skipped a couple of steps. (Amidala let herself go a little too quickly?) And at times it did seem the plot was held together with duct tape.

However, Lucas managed to pull off Attack of the Clones pretty well. Go see it in the theater. Don't wait for video, unless you have one of those 61" plasma screens. (And not even then.)