Thursday, June 13, 2002

Ode to learning

I haven't been learning this fast since I was in school. Learning is a good feeling--mental masturbation if you will.

I've relearned, for example, that I learn best under deadline. Well, a big deadline is coming up tomorrow and you can bet your bottom dollar I learned what I need to (how to develop a Java web application, if you must know). People skills are also growing. Of course, learning leadership skills now is a swim-or-die endeavor, as I am in a leadership position.

I'm also learning how to plan for professional development. Learning (again) how to learn, one could say. I have to justify attendance at conferences and courses, which means I have to plan several months ahead. Where do I want to be in a year? How do I get there?

For the longest time it was "easy." I had simply stated concrete goals: get a PhD, get married, get into a position where I could buy a house, start a family. Now that three of those four goals have been attained, I started wandering listlessly for a while, but now I'm forced to think ahead.

Certainly a good thing, if draining. Now I just need to start a hobby.