Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Major League Baseball is a Joke

Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire both broke the single-season record for home runs a couple of years ago. Last year Barry Bonds surpassed even their records. Who cares? They're all pumped up on steroids. It's their right to destroy their bodies by the method of their choosing, and it's my right to think their home run records a fraud as a result.

Now the players are threatening to disrupt the MLB season for the second time in a decade. Note to trivia buffs: there was no 1994 World Series because the players thought that their six- or seven-figure salaries were unacceptable. Of course, the situation is more complex. I'm oversimplifying the issue. But no matter how complex the issue, I find it hard to dig or even conjure up some sympathy when other people with real jobs are struggling to scrape by.

So the players and owners will haggle some more over who will get what piece of an overly large pie. A lot more people will be turned off to the game, and another nail will be nailed in the MLB coffin. It's not dead yet, but it is looking quite pale. Three large fan clubs have already planned a one-day boycott. Visit the link, and ignore baseball on July 11.

What can you do? Go see your minor league team. I'd rather catch a Bulls game than watch baseball on TV anyway. Watch another sport, or, heck, take up your own sport. I'm starting to take up yoga and hiking.

(Someone pointed out something interesting to me the other day: was it you Dave? Baseball seems perfectly suited for radio, and basketball for television. [Though Woody Durham does a heck of a job covering Heels games.] Just one theory about their popularity.)