Saturday, October 26, 2002

I told you so?

A few days ago, I asked the question, "Is the sniper a terrorist?" I stand behind my answer: "Yes."

The fact is, the face of terrorism is changing. It is becoming more than suicide bombings and fantastic horror. Sleeper cells are all over the United States, but not all are going to be attacking the World Trade Centers. You can rest assured Al Qaeda, if they are not directly involved in the sniper attack, have noted the trigger and the reaction (so to speak).

John Williams Muhammed has expressed sympathy for the September 11 hijackers. In 1998, Usama bin Laden issued a religious declaration to kill American, men, women, children, armed, disarmed, innocent, military, civilians alike. The people who heed this call need not be coordinated. You can rest assured that this sniper situation concurs with the terrorists' plan.

So don't ask whether these sniper attacks are related to terrorism. Ask how you can protect yourself from the new face of terrorism.