Friday, October 04, 2002

We can't go on without Democrats and Republicans
There you have it. The New Jersey Supreme Court has deemed that they have to have Democrats and Republicans on a ballot. 

According toMSNBC:
But in its seven-page ruling, the court said it was more important to have a ballot �??bearing the names of candidates of both major political parties.�?�

This is a throwback to an expressed opinion of Republicans in the North Carolina General assembly that having prohibitive ballot access requirements and a de facto two-party system is not a bad thing.

So, let me get this straight: it's ok to enact legislation to keep small but valid parties off the ballot, but if any such law keeps a Democrat or Republican off the ballot, we can just ignore or sidestep it?

I tell you, the Democrats and Republicans are just trying to keep a monopoly on the politics of this nation. They have power, and they have enacted laws to keep others out of power. When they trip over their own laws, they make up excuses.

We need to get these goons out of office. Now.