Thursday, September 23, 2004

Edwards accuses Bush of socialist policy, and a comment on how much tax cuts cost the government

Stinging Nettle has the scoop on Edwards's latest strategy: accusing Bush of socialist policies.

I think he's not far off the mark, myself. There are a couple of thoughts I'd like to share:

  • Any "fair" tax cut (i.e. where taxes are cut by the same amount across the board) are going to favor richer people because richer people carry more than their share of tax burden (numbers and links when I can get them)

  • No tax cut "costs" the government anything. A tax cut means that people who earned the money get to keep it. To call a tax cut a "cost" assumes that wealth belongs to the government, which by the way is a prerequisite for socialism and a notion with which I strongly disagree.

  • I think we need to cut spending before we start raising taxes. A news report a year ago estimated that $19 billion (with a 'b') was wasted due to intentional mishandling (i.e. gov't employees using gov't credit cards for personal purchases). Until we wipe out such corruption, eliminate unneeded government programs, and cut overhead on government programs to a reasonable level, tax increases should not be on the table at all.

More later on this. I realize I have a lot of statements I have to back up. (BTW, I think Edwards is the sanest of the bunch running for President/VP.)