Friday, September 24, 2004

House Ways and Means cmte. tries to scuttle Medicare investigation

A top Medicare actuary notes that Bush's Medicare plan cost estimates are too low. His boss threatens to fire him if he tells Congress. Congress tries to scuttle the investigation. (via Public Health Press)

You want a lie that can be traced back to Bush? Start looking here. The implications of this can be far reaching. Cost estimates were an important part of the equation in the passage of the Medicare reform bill, and Bush marked it as a major victory. (Prescription drug benefits under Medicare have been on the table for a long time.) Here we have a deliberate misrepresentation of the truth designed to get a bill passed.

My guess is that many members of Congress want this to go under the rug because it invites further scrutiny into the procedure of passing bills. I'd love to see an investigation into the passage of PATRIOT.

Another question: How many bills get passed on the basis of titles or one-line summaries (e.g. PATRIOT or 'support our troops')?