Friday, September 17, 2004

Thank you, Mr. Apostropher ...

... for giving me the final notions I needed to convince myself that our continued presence in Iraq is a bad idea.

Our troops are dispersed all over the world. Have we ever left Serbia? Why does Germany, France, S. Korea, and other nations need U.S. troops? It's coming through that military commanders are predicting three different scenarios for the next year, and the best one is "tenuous stability." Given what tends to happen to "tenuous stability," this doesn't serve our War on Terror principles very well.

Unfortunately, we don't have a presidential candidate who has proposed a plan to withdraw gracefully without creating the potential for a very ugly war in the region (e.g. Turkey vs. Kurds vs. Iran and mmmm mmmmm mmmm doesn't the world's second largest reserves of oil look tempting to the Saudis?).