Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Election strategy

So, what's a Libertarian to do this year. Given that Bush, under the guise of being a 'small l libertarian,' mind you has presided over some of the biggest budget increases in history (including those counting only non-defense spending), and Kerry has his own plans for basking in the glory of monolithic government, and Badnarik is the embodiment of the lunatic fringe of the Libertarian Party, I've had real problems deciding the candidate for whom I wanted to vote. (No, Neal, I'm not staying away from the polls.)

So, here's the strategy I've settled on. I'm going to hold my nose and vote for Kerry. Since NC is a swing state, it might make a difference. I'm also going to hope that Republicans keep at least one of the houses, and that neither party gets more than 2/3 majority in either house. I'm going to vote Libertarian down the rest of the ticket. We seriously need to get Libertarians in state posts, so they can start making a difference and start getting their teeth cut for federal government positions.

The rationale for this is that we need to hold the damage done by the two major parties to a minimum, at least while Libertarians and Greens can get some local offices and enough political savvy to pull off an effective House campaign. The best way to do this is gridlock.

Here's hoping.