Friday, October 08, 2004

Friday yoga blogging: confidence and humility

Two weeks ago, our class was directed to do a sequence of poses I never thought I could do. The first pose was easy enough: I put my hands on the floor, walked my legs around the outside, and lifted my feet off the floor together in front of my body (so my hands are the only things on the floor). The next pose (called the firefly) involved extending my legs. The next pose involved bringing my legs to the outside of my arms (with the hands still the only things touching the floor) and placing my knees on the backs of my arms (this is called the crow). Finally, the legs shoot out all the way behind me so I jump into a low push-up pose.

When I first tried this sequence two weeks ago, I fell flat on my butt when I tried to extend my legs. In fact, it seemed impossible. However, t his past Tuesday, I did it, although it was regular ugly.

Then, this morning, I was playing with my baby and pulled a little muscle in my back.

There are two lessons in this. First, things that seem far too difficult can be done if you have courage, and doing this builds confidence. Second, there is danger in even the simplest things, so everything should be approached with humility and care.