Thursday, October 14, 2004

Friday yoga blogging: injury

Ok, so I was in this nice handstand, legs spun inward, extending up through my feet, and then it happened. I tried to rotate out of the fall, but my hand wouldn't go. I ended up twisting my shoulder out of its socket (momentarily) and slamming my bony hip down on the floor.

The rest of the practice (about another 45 minutes to an hour) was interesting. For the most part, I was able to protect the bum shoulder and hip (except I forgot once and rolled onto the right hip). I didn't do any of the bound poses (locking my legs with my hands and arms behind the back), and I substituted a nice shoulder-friendly headstand for a more intense forearm stand, but I did fairly well. I even was able to do another handstand (this time with a spotter!) and did a controlled fall into a backbend.

Then I got back to work. After an hour of sitting, OUCH! I started limping and my shoulder became really tight. Time for some movement.

Part of yoga deals with working with our limitations. We have to accept them and even use them as learning opportunities. Eventually, we can move beyond most of them. This includes our injuries (even minor ones, as I think these will turn out to be). My hats are off to people with scoliosis (as in this month's Yoga International) or other difficult conditions who work through them.