Monday, October 04, 2004

Polls start to reflect Kerry debate win

This article notes that the polls are beginning to reflect the Kerry debate win. Read more for analysis...

This page (scroll down to "Who, in your opinion, won the debate?") along with the latest polls suggest that Kerry is picking up undecideds and independents. It's been said that debates do little to peel off the other candidate's support, and the fact that neither candidate scored a coup de grace probably means that the voting bases are secure for now.

What surprises me is that more people think that Kerry has a plan on Iraq. I wonder if there's a poll comparing what people think that plan is compared to written statements by the Kerry/Edwards campaign.

As for me, I think that John Kerry has done a pretty good job of telling people why George W. shouldn't be president. Now he needs to tell people why John Kerry should be.