Monday, October 04, 2004

Why don't you try staying away from the polls, Neal?

More voter elitism from Boortz:


If by this time you haven't figured out figured out who you're going to vote for in 31 days, do us all a favor and stay home. The issues are so clear and the dangers facing our country are so obvious that you constitute merely another threat. Find a good escapist movie and gobble a few bags of popcorn while the rest of us do the heavy lifting on Election Day.

Given that none of the candidates (including the Libertarian candidate) offer me nothing, even on the War on Terror, I can't really help being a little undecided. And yes, I will go to the polls and yes, I will vote my conviction. Neal Boortz has been flying high with his "not everyone needs to vote" crap. While I agree that fraud is rampant and both sides of the aisle want to benefit from the zombie and ghost vote, giving voting tests and curtailing the vote is not the way to deal with it.